Nudists conserve energy

80951428Global warming has entirely changed the climate of the world. This is because of loads of gaseous emissions by our vehicles and industries which spread equally all across the globe and make the natural climate warmer. As a result we need more ice, air conditioners, and cold drinks to keep our body temperature normal in such hot weather.

Why people become nudist?
A huge number of people in liberal societies go nude to save themselves from heat. They spend their daily activities as naked and don’t care about any kind of weird looks over them. They are of the view that this is the only workable solution of the global warming. They don’t say this in frenzy of getting nude but they have strong arguments for this.

Nudists conserve energy
The nudist fraternity all across the globe says that they don’t have to switch on air conditioner to cool them. A normal air conditioner emits chlorofluorocarbon that directly causes ozone depletion and brings on acid rains that is quite harmful for our planet. Ultimately nudists consume less electricity and help reduce another cause of the global warming.

Nudists use no clothes
What nudists wear generally? Obviously nothing. They just carry a bag to keep the most essential items like non-nudists do and go out of home for their routine work. It means they use no clothes. Textile industries are one of the most polluting industries. So nudists make them manufacture a little less and ultimately pollute less.

Less consumption of water by nudists
If we count the environmental benefits of nudism, these are many. Nudists don’t wear clothes so they don’t need laundry at home or from a laundry service. In this way they help save lot of water which ultimately would have been consumed for laundry. So care in water consumption is also another advantage of this way of living.

Can all people go nude?
Do entire communities of the world can go nude for the cause of green? Obviously not. Each of them has different priorities and ways of thinking in life. Moreover, there are several hurdles to turn the entire global community as nudist.

Cultural barrier on nudism
Most important barrier is cultural. Majority of communities in the world are forbidden by their cultural norms to go nude. Even in several nations showing a body part is treated as a great sin. In some communities females are not allowed to show their faces to strangers. In such a conservative environment how come all people of the world can go nude.

Weather is another barrier on nudism
Secondly the weather of the all countries is not uniform. In most of the African and Asian countries people face scorching heat during six to seven months of the year. How can they bear hot sun directly touching their bodies? Therefore, this way of living cannot be adopted uniformly all across the world.

Nudism is a limited solution to global warming
So nudism is a limited solution of global warming. The issue of climate change needs a broad-based solution for its effective control. Therefore we need to reduce every kind of pollution on earth especially air pollution to control the global warming. For this purpose we can follow these steps:

Use car in case of emergency and be habitual of using public transport for daily commuting
Spend a simple life with necessities and little bit comforts to make industries produce less and pollute less.
Consume water with care treating it as if our personal property
Don’t make haste in discarding used items and wherever possible reuse them
Adopt an eco-friendly life style by preferring green products on other luxurious ones
Every year make a pledge to avoid or reduce one polluting act from your personal life
Do you still think nudism is a proper solution of global warming or you agree with me? Please share your thoughts in comments given below.
The “traditional values” portion results from our observation that numerous naturist clubs have lost the philosophy of naturism. To many, naturism is only an occasional recreational activity representing simply an alternative to wearing a bathing suit. Gone are the social, psychological, environmental, and moral aspects of the movement. While we don’t want to revert to the days of mandatory calisthenics, vegetarianism, and alcohol/tobacco bans, we do want to reintroduce naturism as a philosophy and a way of life. Of course, that’s not for everyone; but each person can make a choice whether Bare Oaks is right for her or him. We’re not trying to appeal to everyone. Bare Oaks exists for those who are passionate about naturism.
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There are numerous advantages to the naturist, or nudist, lifestyle, including the pleasure of feeling the sun all over your body, no tan lines, and the healthy self-confidence that naturism reflects. Many of us find it too embarrassing to be naked even in front of loved ones, let alone strike up a conversation with a fellow vacationer at a nudist resort. Conversely, many of us are quite comfortable being nude yet don’t know how or where to practice naturism. The following guide will increase your comfort with naturism, and help you find ways and places to practice it.

i slept naked, and walked around the house naked

96140505When i was about 16 or 17, i began to become what everyone has been calling a ‘closet nudist’ i slept naked, and walked around the house naked when my family wasn’t around.
Although, not too public my first time being socially nude was after i graduated from high school. My group of friends, which included me, my girlfriend, and 4 or 5 other people all snuck into my neighbor’s hot tub when they were away. Since none of us had bathing suits, everybody went into the water with their underwear on, but since underwear can get very uncomfortable wet, my girlfriends surprisingly took off her bra and panties and threw them aside, and with barely any words, the rest of us followed. We had a great time, laughing and playing around, not really even thinking about that for most of us, we hadnt seen our friends naked.
My girlfriend and i talked about that experience in the following weeks and decided that we really enjoyed it. So, at the end of june, my girlfriend’s parents took me with them to Nantucket for 4 or 5 days. We learned that Nantucket has a beach with a nude section (miacomet), so we decided to take that opportunity. On the second or third day, we split up from her parents, and we told them that we were going to walk around town while they went on a long bike ride. We headed down to the beach at around 9 in the morning so we could get a full day in there. When we got to the beach, we were a little dissapointed because there were only about 20 people (all at least topless) in the half-mile area that we were in. So, we laid down towels near the back of the beach, next to the dunes. Since we were both nervous, we decided that we would take off our clothes together. So we slowly took off our shirts, then our shorts, then our undergarments, and it felt amazing. The wind, the fresh air and everything. We loved it. we stayed there the entire day, doing everything, we napped, tanned, swam, met a nice older couple and had an amazing time. i never expected it would be so different from just sleeping naked or not wearing underwear.
It has been 8 years since then, and my girlfriend and i have since married, living in boston, so there arent any nude beaches close. So, we made a goal to take 4 weekends out of the year to do some public nudist thing: beach, resort, camping, and others. We sleep nude every night, and walk around the house naked most days..

I became a nudist in a very indirect way

63456573I became a nudist in a very indirect way – I was planning my coming summer holidays and was trying to decide between Byron Bay and Port Stephens and was discussing the two options with a number of work collegues and eventually my boss. He told me he would be holidaying in Port Stephens and was full of recommendations so I continued my research and discovered that Byron Bay was going to be too expensive and continued the discussions with my boss about Port Stephens.
He told me he would be spending most of his time at Samurai Beach, and that it had good surf and a very friendly crowd. So on this information I researched Samurai Beach and discovered it was a legal clothing optional beach.
I eventually booked some accommodation and when I told him this I said, “So, I’ll be able to go to the nude beach with you and your family, won’t I”.
He closed his office door and we had a long conversion about naturism, and that this was not a topic for general distribution in the office. He also surprised me by inviting me and a friend to travel with his family Samurai Beach prior to the summer holidays and see if naturism was for me.
After a conversation with my best friend, we agreed this was a good idea and have set a date for early November.
But my first time came a lot quicker than that. Two days later my boss and I were assigned to spend two weeks working in New Caledonia and were able to fit in a few days on the beach or out on an associate’s boat exploring the atolls and cays offshore from Noumea.
The day we arrived we went to the beach at Anse Vata on the edge of the capital city of Noumea. I had not expected to spend any time on the beach so that afternoon I started on the beach in a pair of gym shorts and top. After fifteen minutes, I realised that I was out of place with that amount of clothing on as it seemed every woman on the beach was wearing no more than a thong – even the 14 and 15 yo girls.
So I stripped down to just the thong I was wearing under my shorts – it seemed strange wearing so little in front of my boss (he was wearing his Speedos) but he appeared to not even notice, which really made me more comfortable.
That was the Sunday and we worked solidly until the following Friday which we had off in preparation to work the weekend. As I said he had arranged for the two of us to borrow a boat and do some exploration so at 8:30 we left from Port Moselle in a 24 foot half cabin runabout and headed for Ilфt Laregnere.
As soon as we had cleared the marina he was down to his Speedos, and suggested that I could strip down if I wanted. I told him if he wanted to go nude, I didn’t mind – so as we cleared the harbour and passed the last house he was nude at the wheel and I was wearing only my thong. We sailed on for an hour before we pulled up in the leeward of a beautiful white sand island inside a coral lagoon.
As my boss set the anchor I decided it was now or never and I slipped out of my thong. Apart from the two of us there was not another soul to be seen – we spent the morning snorkelling (nude), sunbaking (nude), eating (nude). I don’t now why but the feeling of the water and the sun on my body was so different – exhilarating – than it had been a few days earlier when I was wearing only a little more.
Just after eleven another boat arrived and dropped four couples and six teenage kids at the beach before the boat disappeared, presumably back to Noumea. After they had set up camp of a few umbrellas and towels on the sand, the adults stripped off completely – soon followed by the teenagers. I was astounded to see teenage boys and girls naked in front of each other, and in front of their parents, and mentioned this to my boss.
We then had a long talk about naturism and how it crosses all age groups – and after all I was only a few years older than these kids. He then suggested we should swim in and say hello and have a chat. This seemed like a big step – to be naked in front of strangers – but he convinced me into the water and onto the beach.
After a series of “Bonjours” and apologies for poor French we quickly fell into conversation and were offered drinks and an invitation to stay for lunch. We bought the boat into the shallows and spent the rest of the day with our new friends.
All up we spent seven hours naked that day and I think it was one of the most enjoyable days of my life. I was very surprised by the generosity and friendliness of the people and the easy with which the kids interacted. I found the youngest was 13 and the eldest 18 but there was a continuous rapport among them. It was obvious that naturism was worth exploring.

Now I sunbathe only nude

The summer after my 8th grade I went to the Crimea. My mom and me were sunbathing on a beach. It had been a while since I learnt to swim by then and I dare say I was jolly good at it. We would visit the same place every day, and I was rather keen on going somewhere else, but for the lack of a better option I was swimming alongside the seashore. I would swim quite a distance, and once I reached so far that I saw a rock sticking out of water – I almost instantaneously made up my mind about swimming behind it and seeing what was there.
When I finally got there my eyes fell upon quite a sight – several men and women were sunbathing there completely nude! I had heard about nudism before and thus I was not quite shocked… But as long as I had my bathing suit on I didn’t dare to come out of water and watch them, and so I was looking at them from where I were. I had my diving glasses on me, so I pretended to be diving to see the seascape while in fact I was rather much more interested in seeing people who were swimming without their bathing suits and trunks. In point of fact, I had seen naked men before, but now underwater nudity was something more exciting. When I got back to the hotel the impressions of the day would not leave me.
The next day mom stayed in the hotel and I went to the beach accompanied by my friend. I told her about the yesterday’s nude beach, and we rushed there for a new share of impressions. On our way there we reached the conformity not to take off our bathing suits, but just to see other people enjoying outdoors naked. Eventually we reached the nude beach and made ourselves comfortable. Our previous observation was that for the people around it was a matter of fact thing to walk around nude, both for men and for women. And no one paid the least attention to one another!
My friend took off the top of her bathing suit, and I, too, was hungry for new sensations… Am I a chicken or not, after all? And it was then that I GOT COMPLETELY NAKED IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. I cannot put into words the impression it conveyed me. It felt as if I were some sort of a star set upon the scene with all the eyes looking at me. but that wasn’t nearly all! I went to the water edge and stepped in,, and it was as though waves were caressing me. I don’t know what was that feeling about, but I never got to feel anything of that sort while wearing a swimsuit. I managed to relax in water and didn’t feel embarrassed anymore – after all, one couldn’t see much of my body while I was in water…
But after a while, when I’d had enough of swimming, it was time for me to come out of water, and it was then that I saw that the beach by now was even more crowded than before, and I got that impression that everybody was there lined to see me coming out of water in my birth costume. So I called up my friend and asked her to bring over my swimming trunks because I was kind of embarrassed to come out of water as I were. But she only laughed at me!
Having nothing to do, I pretended I was a supermodel prepared to make her appearance on stage. And with my nose up in the air I made it to the shore absolutely nude in front of all the spectators that were there to see me. Strangely, the audience did not break in applause. I looked at the beachers around me, but none of them seemed to pay no attention to me and just minding their own business. I even felt a wee bit disappointed by that fact… Those were my first impressions of getting suntanned evenly. 70640443, and I am not put off by the presence of people in swimsuits. If they are there it only goes to show that they admire me and like it all and are just afraid to do it themselves so far.
As for the process of getting suntanned without swimsuit – I cannot even describe the feeling of having your body caressed by the gentle breeze, and what’s best – you’ve got no wet fabric clinging to you after you’ve bathed. The overall impression is simply TERRIFIC. In fact, for them on could brush away fears and embarrassment and other prejudices.

I wish I could say that I grew up in a naturist household

nude-beach-party-picturesI wish I could say that I grew up in a naturist household, spending my summer holidays running round naked in the sun. But I can’t. I grew up in the East Midlands in the UK in the 1970’s (I was born in 1968), with a perfectly normal childhood. I only ever saw my parents naked once or twice, and I don’t think they’ve seen me naked since I was about 10.
So, I grew up with all of the normal British reservations about showing my body in public. I think that my first “exposure” to naturism came on holiday in the south of France with my parents when I was (I think) about 17 – my last holiday with them before I became a student and then left home. We stayed near Port Grimaud, and one day I decided to see what was on the other side of a large stony breakwater. Imagine my surprise when I saw a beach full of naked people! I’d love to say that I went and stripped off and joined them, but I didn’t. Remember, this was a time when I didn’t even want my parents to see me without a shirt on!
Anyway, when I was a student (living at home), I picked up a copy of Health and Efficiency from a shop that had it as one of its “top shelf” magazines (a phrase that will no doubt be familiar to British readers, but may be less so to those from overseas. Just remember that Playboy is a “top shelf” magazine!). It was interesting to discover a magazine full of nude photos of what I came to think of as “normal” people doing normal things – not models who seem to be auditioning for a gynaecological textbook. At this time, I also started to spend time around the house nude when everyone else was out, but this was more from the “illicit thrill” point of view. However, my opinion started to change, and I found that I really enjoyed being naked, and envied people who were able to go on naturist holidays. I did manage a couple of afternoons sunbathing nude in the back garden in a very rare time when my parents were on holiday and my brother was still away at college in another town.
nudebeachphotoAnd that was it for several years. In 1992 or 1993, my girlfriend and I went to stay with a friend who lived in Poole, on the south coast. On the Saturday we went to their local beach for a walk, and my friend warned us that there was a nudist section. It was Studland Bay, somewhere I had heard of in H&E (which I had long stopped buying, mainly because I had moved in with my girlfriend). So there I was, walking along Studland, surrounded by nudists, but I didn’t dare do anything. I mean, I used to work with my (female) friend (and did again a few years later) and couldn’t imagine telling her “hey, I’d love to strip off here”. For all I know, her and her husband might have been regulars, but that wasn’t going to happen!
My girlfriend and I went back to Studland on our last day as the weather was nice, and I somehow plucked up the courage to suggest to her that we went to the nudist beach because I fancied stripping off. She was pretty amazed, but agreed on the understanding that she didn’t have to. I really enjoyed it, much to her bemusement. I even swam naked in the sea, which was just superb (if a little cool).
Over the next few years, my girlfriend indulged me and we visited Studland once or twice a year and I also stripped off once or twice on a beach in France, but that was pretty much it. For the last 3-4 years however, we have been on holiday in French cottages, and we’ve always managed to be remote enough for me (and occasionally my girlfriend) to strip off by the pool. Over the last couple of years, I have been doing a series of photography courses (I’m a very keen amateur), and the last one, in 2003, was “social documentary”. I struggled for a long time to think of a subject, and from somewhere deep down I came up with the idea of doing something on naturism. I hunted round the internet and found a club in Marlborough (which is about 50 miles from Bristol where I now live) who surprisingly enough were agreeable for me to take some photos and invited me to come along and see them – even though I would be on my own as my girlfriend would not be joining me.
So, I somewhat nervously went to see them so they could meet me and I could see what the photographic possibilities were. They were most welcoming, and I spent a thoroughly pleasant evening swimming and playing badminton in the nude.
There were some delays in getting permission from the sports centre they use, and in the end they said “no”. By this time, I had been 2 or 3 times and was getting to enjoy it. So, even though my project was killed off before I had taken any pictures, the club asked me if I wanted to join, and I did. I now go along once a month or so, and love it. The main problem is that the club meets on Saturday evenings, and I feel guilty about leaving my girlfriend on her own at home when I go. I’d love for her to come as well, but she isn’t confident enough at present, although she hasn’t ruled out the possibility entirely.
More recently, I have been starting to think about making contact with one of the clubs not too far from Bristol – one that has its own land – so I could possibly have somewhere outdoors to visit regularly.

It was kind of un-nerving noticing nude people walking around

2015pornpicsWe decided to go to Paradise Lakes in Lutz, Florida (Near Tampa). After reading the board and a few private emails from members we decided this might be the best “positive” environment to give nudism a try. (My boyfriend has been a nudist for a while)
When you drive up there is a large gate and privacy fencing all around. There is a gaurd at the gate who directs you to the main office. We went in and signed in, we had a reservation. Our home for the weekend was a lovely Condo with a wonderful loft, and an extra bedroom.
It was kind of un-nerving noticing nude people walking around! There was a tennis court where people were playing tennis au-natural. I really had a case of the shys at first. My boyfriend was very understanding, however he got undressed right away like nothing was wrong… I undressed, but felt so much better having a large towel around me….
We went for a walk. Wonderful sunny warm day. They have a huge pool where there were quite a few people swimming, children, old folks etc. There was a great water volleyball game going on that was quite a bit of fun to watch.
There is a bar and grill there where we stopped and had an ice tea and just kind of observed. Everyone was really nice, and after awhile I basicly felt more out of place with the towel around, so basicly I just “lost the towel” It was really a “freeing” moment. It was nice to sit by the pool in the lounge chairs and get that all over tan. No one leered at me, in fact we just sort of blended right in. I felt very comfortable.
accidentally-pussy-see-picsWe spent most of that afternoon sitting by the pool, swimming and sipping ice tea. That evening we drove into town to get a steak, really fun restraunts around. When we came back we disrobed and went to the hot tubs. They have two there. One which is really hot and a longer one which is warm. That tub had a lot of people there just talking. There was music from a lounge there, however we didnt go in, were not exactly bar type people. But it seemed everyone was having a fun time dancing and enjoying the music. We spoke with several really nice people. One couple had come over from England for a week at paradise lakes. This was their fifth visit, which they do yearly.
On sunday we pretty much just relaxed. We took a canoe out, nude of course and paddled all around this wonderful calm lake. Watched closely for gators, though didn’t see one, however i am not one to take a chance!
Had lunch at the poolside grill, great hamburgers. The gift shop there was really unique. Had some very tasteful body jewelry and scarves and wraps and such. I picked up this really pretty pink coverwrap. And of course the Paradise Lakes T shirt!! All in all I had a WONDERFUL experience and can’t wait to go back. Or perhaps hit a nude beach! Thank You so much to everyone here for all of the encouragement and information. Ill be watching the board for info on other resorts and beaches

Who does not secretly like this, naked, as once Adam and Eve in Paradise

Who does not secretly like this, naked, as once Adam and Eve in Paradise, to walk through life? Without incriminating covers, without material ballast, no, just the way God created us once? The fulfillment of our desires with three large letters – Nudist. The so-called free-body culture, also often called nudism or naturism, is dedicated as a movement of social nudity, mostly in the countryside. Hence the term naturism. Their main concern is the joy of the experience, or about the nudity itself, without direct reference to sexuality. Especially in France, where director Robert Salis is the subject of his documentary Living with Naturism Naked assumed this has a long tradition. Early 1778, the term “naturist” or “naturism” by the French-speaking Belgians Planchard way into the language. In the twenties of the last century has been to a nudist real fad in France. And today there are probably no other country in the world and more supporters of nudism, as in France. hundreds of thousands of French people on holiday every year in specially equipped nudist camps on the coast where this passion can be carefree and thoroughly indulged.

And it is precisely this phenomenon Living Naked follows the 1998 with the camera. Already in 1993, made the Frenchman Robert Salis for the first time to hold these people and their motives with the camera. This is a beautiful tribute to the free movement emerged, without insinuating or even dramatic intentions behind it. Now Robert Salis is five years later returned to the old sites to see how the picture has changed since the nudists in public.

38833095The result, a fascinating documentation of an attitude to life: naked, deep brown people fry in the midday sun. Others jog along the beach, completely naked, half naked. Old men building sand castles, women collect mussels. A typical day at the beach, with the only but crucial difference that no one with a scrap of fabric on the body. Living Naked shows us a world full of people with no inhibitions. People who want to be like children, for their nudity is natural relieved of conventions and social constraints. Here one is naked, because you have nothing to hide, or at least wants to hide anything …

With interviews and little documentation is director Salis a fascinating insight into the world of nudists. Feeling full, stylish and never intrusive, so the protagonists of their own choice is freedom never fatal. On the contrary, there are very special people who arrive here before the camera. Their pride and their connection to nature and, above all, paint a picture beyond all cliches.

This 100-minute film makes you want to be naked! An interesting documentary of the nude in France, which is not exposed by this passion … Nudity fascinated, nudity is exciting and liberating. That is the message of “Lving Naked”. Really masterful how it succeeds Robert Salis, the “Adam and Eve-page” to awaken in us!

04559193Summary Being naked is a way of life. In France since the 18th Century was the first time a return to the naturalness of the nakedness, the movement of the nudists won a growing following. 1993 was the director Robert Salis for the first time to hold the people and their motives with the camera. This is a beautiful tribute to the free movement emerged, without insinuating or even dramatic intentions behind it. Robert Salis is now once again returned to the old sites to learn how has changed the image of nudists in public. Interviews and documentaries give a little insight into the world of nudists. Feeling full, stylish and never obtrusive, so that the protagonist is their own choice freedom never fatal. On the contrary, there are very special people who arrive here before the camera. Their pride and their connection to nature and, above all, paint a picture beyond all cliches.

Lesson in Social Nudity

Component 2 Lesson in Social Nudity

63456573“I understand as a group have never been to a clothing optional place,” I said. “I understand you’re interested about it, so I would like to provide you with a lesson in social nudity. I would like to describe to you what societal nudity is about.

As I stood there all eyes were now on me and I mentioned, “First of all it’s a non sexual encounter, and the very first thing you should know is the fact that individuals may looks at first. It’s human nature.”

I turned around to make sure that everybody could see, and I mentioned, “Now that you’ve all “checked me out”, I request you to do this to make a point. It demonstrates you that I understand you’re looking and that I’m not ashamed or embarrassed and it lets you know that you are natural inclination to look at it’s not incorrect, not terrible and it’s not unacceptable to me.”

Then I entered the water, and introduced myself to every one of the individuals. The tension eased, and everyone relaxed and we spoke for many hours about all issues from societal nudity to physics to great films, professions, school and families. All were relaxed, no one else got nude, but the social interaction was amazing.

I understand some of them are going to be back to Faywood Hot Springs and I understand they WOn’t be wearing clothes this time.

-John Collins
El Paso, Texas
First time encounter :)

So I’m a 17 year man from Australia, I’ve consistently loved being naked by myself and had dream of visiting the neighborhood nude beach with some partners, male and female. Now I eventually got the opportunity; we walked down to the shore and continued on to the nudist half of the shore, we subsequently stripped off and went for a swim. It felt so natural to be nude socially.

After our swim we lay on the shore and dried off then went for a walk and enjoyed the view; we’ve now determined as a miscellaneous group of friends it’s going to be a standard practice for our buddies. Undoubtedly going to occur more in the long run.

-Dan W
First Timers

96140505Throughout our own lives we skinny dipped as children and teens, but never had the ability to do this as adults in our previous unions. Last summer, just before we got married, we started loving going in the pool nude. We sat on the veranda to dry off after getting out letting our skin bask in the sun. What an excellent feeling.

Not long after this, we started doing lawn work, nude, in the back yard where the block fence gave us some privacy. Now we spend lots of time naked in the back yard and we should since we have done so much work back there.

A couple of months ago we were seeing a program on TV about the RV lifestyle. Among the things in the application was Clothes-Discretionary campgrounds. We though it was tidy and that was the last we thought about it. That’s until a couple of weeks ago when my wife brought it up indicating it’d be enjoyable to locate a Clothes-Discretionary campground and go see what it is about.

During the the next couple of weeks I spent lots of time hunting the web for Clothes-Discretionary campgrounds. There aren’t many in Arizona, in fact there are few nudist organizations in Arizona, span. I did even more research on Shangri la Ranch and discovered it’s a remarkable facility and comes recommended by posters on various naked diversion newsgroups. I named the office at Shangri la Ranch and described my lovely wife and I’d like to see for a weekend and it’d be our very first time at a nudist resort.

It felt so natural and free, we instantly felt at home. We didn’t care we were naked and no one else cared we were nude either. We met several really fine couples who were excited to meet us and observed our first time with us.

Increased and I can barely wait to return.

I learned of another nudist resort that’s highly recommended not too far from us that we’ll be heading to perhaps in November. Tom and Mary Clare look outstanding hosts and also the hostel is simply that which we would like.

We’re keeping our eyes and ears sharp for additional places to go to.

We’re going to adore nudism, Clothes-Discretionary and no clothes resorts and actions.

See you about. We only joined AANR yesterday!

-Mark & Rose

80951428I’d learned of a bare occasion at a closeby health club. It was sponsored by a neighborhood nudist club which leased the facility for an evening monthly or so. I’d become determined to visit the occasion having consistently been intrigued by nudism but never attempting it. I was as nervous as I really could get worrying about how I Had “react” but I was perpetrated. I drove around to the health club that Saturday evening and sat in the vehicle only eyeing the spot for a great 10 minutes. I wasn’t about to chicken out. I immediately figured out that everything was co-ed. Oh my. LOL. I simply stripped as fast as I could. Out the door I went with not a matter on. Wow. I was feeling quite comfy naked. This was amazing. Here I was playing coed nude volleyball. I was completely hooked. This was amazing. I remained until the occasion was over loving the entire encounter. 15 years after I am still at it.

-George E
18 Years back I went to a nude beach for the very first time and now I can’t appear to go eslewhere

I was already sleeping in the nude for some time, never thought I’d attempt it outside, but then one day I visited the shore out of interest. I didn’t go there to go naked, but after talking to one routine there I found myself taking my suit away and going skinny dipping!

Wow! What a sense it was swimming in the ocean with no swimsuit! I started coming back up until the shore I went to got raided. I was fortunate I didn’t get found, but after the shore lost its spunk, and single men began to be the standard canceling the balance of women and men.

I have to say that didn’t prevent me from becoming a naturist as I joined a landed club nearby and met lots of buddies while at it and the main idea is the fact that it wasn’t sexual being round identical pictures that Playboy and pornography make degrading just in real life.

I even learned after how amazing it’s to be in a motel room while on holiday with no clothing on and even not shut the toilet door. I do however, dwell with my mother who will not understand about it, but I still sleep naked at night though! Wow is all I can say as no right words can characterize the liberty you’ve without clothing! I’ve been solicited and there’s no going back for me!


Two first nudist encounters

Two first encounters

65529016I started loving nudism by sleeping in the nude. After I started to do my work round the house naked. My wife was surprised when I came downstairs naked one day and I really could tell her hesitation.

As it was mid-evening there were quite few individuals in the beech so it managed to discover a secluded place. I walked into the lake and when torso deeply took off my swimsuit. I’ll never forget the sensation of the very first time naked in Lake Michigan.

I removed my swimsuit and was naked outside, other than my backyard, for the very first time. I recall thinking to myself that I am a “nudist.”

Being at a club, it does not matter if someone is naked or not. YOU will be naked and love. I just wish I’d have started this before.

After discussing a visit to Gunnison Beach here in NJ, my partner and I made the decision to make the excursion. We were both conscious that it was ‘clothes optional’ and I understood that most folks would be naked, but I believe my wife believed it’d be a 50-50 split (naked, partially nude).

When we got there she was a bit overwhelmed. She did not take her suit away at all. Nevertheless, after a while of sitting in our seats and seeing the scenery, I believed I really could take the following step. But she afterward said, “sure, do it.”

Nothing occurred. No quake. Nothing. Everyone went about their company.

I, nevertheless, adored this new feeling…sitting in the sun, wind blowing…it was incredibly refreshing and liberation. I adored it.

I mentioned, “why not.” So, at first she did not need to go, but after a second she said certain. That was quite intimidating. I am walking in my birthday suit through dozens of women and men.

Anyway, the water was amazing. Swimming sans clothes was a first for me also…and it was another fantastic experience. I made the walk from our seats to the water three or four times, whenever appreciating it increasingly more.

I’d like to return and try it again. My wife is now discussing going back and removing her top. Hey, whatever makes her comfy. We are going to see the way that it goes.

-Craig J
New Jersey
Our Bare Experience

77121706When I was a lad the words “naked” or “nude” weren’t part of my family’s vocabulary. The sole nudity we understood began with your shower, and finished as soon as you can catch your towel. We were never even permitted to wear sandals or flip flops. Being naked was never an alternative.

As always, life continues. School, work, marriage, kids, divorce; all flew by in what appeared to be a brief period of time. With the birth of the Internet I found out about this matter call “social nudism.” I was intrigued as well as the thought grew slowly that I’d like to take part in this nude experience.

As Christians we needed to do the right thing. Evaluation of the Scriptures led us to the final outcome that just being naked, and being naked with others wasn’t in battle with our Bible. We started to be nude at home increasingly more. We still hadn’t been able to go everywhere that let nudity.

Ultimately we had our opportunity one winter when we were on a Caribbean cruise. The boat docked in Jamaica. They needed to show us round the resort but astonishingly my wife would not have anything to do with this kind of tour. She needed to get out to the island when possible. I could not concur more. When we arrived, we located two lounge chairs in a bright place. We had our clothes away in the blink of an eye. Like many others have said, it was so great to be nude. We talked to a few of the other guests and we loved our time there so much we truly hated to leave. Being nude on the isle was so natural and simple. We were solicited!

This summer we’ve traveled to three nudist clubs/resorts. We’d so much fun. My partner and I agreed that we should have done this earlier!

-John Y
My lovely wife and I frequently holiday in Michigan. We’re household nudists for the past six months. By this I mean that we were remaining nude occasionally after a shower and then we began being nude before bedtime. We drink coffee and eat lunch nude.

My wife was unwilling but she concurred that there clearly was no damage since we’ve been married more than 35 years. This summer we went north and found a disjunct alone shore in northern Michigan. We walked for miles to discover a peaceful spot to read and sunbathe. Most beaches in Michigan are full of noisy children and upset parents. We only needed seclusion to locate some peace and revel in the sunshine.

Nevertheless, I went swimming after an hour of sunshine and my swimsuit got too wet to lay back on my towel , and so I took it away. My wife, who’s extremely self-conscious and extremely spiritual was worried that we might be detained for my nakedness. We’re old-fashioned Republicans and we don’t condone criminal actions.

She was becoming hot and after much whining she also brought of her swimsuit and went for a dip in the lake. I do not understand why being nude is a crime if you’ve a designated area where it could be authorized to be without your clothing. Anyhow we’ll begin writing our representatives to alter the laws in the Michigan National Lakeshore in order that individuals do not have to feel like criminals if they violate no one.

We must modify the perception that nakedness is a violation which should be penalized by the law. A lewd act ought to be penalized but a nude body isn’t a motive to be detained or punished.

Allow the Adventure Begin!

I’ve consistently found it fascinating how different people explain their “first time” nudist encounter.

First, is the conscious choice to adopt nudism as part of who I am as a man — to buck social standards, to accept something some others see as strange. From my first period, I’ve always loved being naked. Nevertheless, I was far from open about it, keeping it concealed, keeping it to myself, and like many more, only spending time naked when alone. Why? Anxiety. Anxiety about ridicule, humiliation, and not being who others desired me to be.

70640443Also, there was a specific amount of self doubt that perhaps my nudist avocation was “a bit odd.” Perhaps it was only a stage. It was not until early maturity that I eventually said, nope, this is not unusual, it isn’t a stage — it is pure, it is wholesome, it is authentic, it is interesting, and it is amazing. More to the point, it is part of me. I’m quite proud of that determination. It is an accomplishment every nudist or naturist shares.

My first “social” encounter was not at a club or a shore or anything like that. It was in my residence. Clearly, she understood I definitely loved being naked, but I ‘d never sought out time to be bare only for the pure enjoyment of it. Obviously, she did not mind. I’ll never forget the exhilaration of walking into our family room, only minutes after, totally naked.

Ever since then, I’ve had many “naked experiences.” As much as I cherish each if them, they all return to the day I first determined nudism was really going to be part of my own life as well as the nighttime I shared it with the love of my entire life. I am a better man for it — more joyful, more understanding, more accepting. I am happy to say I have not looked back!