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Teezing At The Pool I (Teez) determined to go skinny dipping in our pool. I talked LB into taking some pictures to see how much joy it would be to taunt him. I have a fantasy about me and another lady massaging LB one day. The other lady and I would play some games. The winner of each game got to taunt LB. We would play several palms of cards for this. Another idea would be for me and her to catch him in a switching room and he would flash us. Just some joy virginal playing around. Lol. Are there any volunteers? Maybe a game of unwrap poker? We would make sure he loses. It took me awhile to get him to let me post these pictures. Do you think I should talk him into posting more? Come on ladies let me hear from you and what you think about my ideas?

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Hi, voy-zone crew! As I promised fresh contris to the Sofa Poses contest every few days, here is the 3rd set. More photos of sugary Ang. Please title these "3rd set of Outlaw's friends, more cuming!" Once again, Ang on my beds and don't leave behind viewers there is more of Ang and my other friends on my FnudistSite at compliments of Kate and the naturist squad. Don't leave behind to join Proadult to see all the FnudistSites and acess to voy-zone and all the Proadult sites. Where else could you get all that content for the petite yearly (not monthly) charge you pay. IGOR AND voy-zone RULES THE NET! pdpmema.

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