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Yoga Nymph Two - Okay, to say I?m perplexed by over 750 feedbacks would be an understatement ! And while the majority were positive, there seems to be some who have problems. I appreciate all the offers (about 749 of the replies) to be my photographer, but I?m blessed the way things are, thanks. : ) I guess the largest complaint was the background for the photos. In the interest of ?full disclosure?, these were all shot about a year ago in my old room, so we'll all have to suffer thru this. I have a nicer apt now. But thanks to the many of you who dreamed to buy me a fresh place (and cars, jewelry, trips to visit, and a pet Chihuahua). Hee-hee - OK, I made that last one up. Maybe I?ll shoot more in a nicer location next time, but for now, I hope this explanation gets me off the hook with those who disapprove of the background scenery. Nothing I can do about it now. And here I was thinking all eyes would be on me. : D LOL And yes, I guess I wasn?t 100% clear, the yoga pictures are self ?timer, others were shot by friends or paramours. And thank you for the marriage proposals and the compliments from those who wished to skip right to the honeymoon. : ) I?m particularly flattered from all the compliments from Europe, you all have such a beautiful way with words ! There is no way I can reply to all of you, but I do promise to read each and every one at least and I?m making my way thru the list. Answers to some questions: I?m 26, a 34C, yes that?s a tattoo on my wrist. No I won?t tell you about it (silly indiscretion of youth and it would hurt like hell to remove). My current BF doesn?t know I?m posting these, and yes, I am Bisexual. To be flawlessly clear and fair, I?m just doing this for joy. I don?t care if I win any prize, in fact, I didn?t know you could. If I did, I?d just donate it anyway. And while I LOVE the feedback (what dame wouldn?t) and hope it resumes, I have no plans to switch the way I send in photos. Many of you support this decision, thank you. I do believe people are sexy, erotic, and romantic both in and out of their clothes. And I?m not attempting to sound smug or stuck up, but I like taking my time, I?m not in a hurry. So, if you don?t like or have patience for my pictures with the clothes, you have every right to say so, or vote crappy or whatever. I?m simply doing this for me and a special someone.

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Hi again everyone!!! Very first off, thank you all for your comments on my last duo of contris. I love to hear all of your compliments and the dirty things you have to say. Many of you asked for me to keep the pics coming...well here are some more from the strand and they are intended to keep you nutting. In fact, I want to know what you do when you see me spread my vulva for you. Do you stoke your shaft, or paw your pussy? Give me all the details. Nicer yet, email me with any comments, requests, or your own pics...I would love to see who you are and what you do when I undress down for you. Enjoy!!! And don't leave behind to vote.

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