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Part Trio of Three, after "Warming up" and "First GG Kisses". Very first, a technical point. There is a bit of 'flashburn' in some pics and thats because I got too close once or two times, but also the main roomlights were off so the camera flash thought it had to work firmer. I'm learning so gimme a break, lol. On to the pics. Pic resumes from the end of set two, and we see Mr Lengthy helping his wifey Mrs Gargle in getting Petite all juiced up. I wish you could've heard Petite. Pic2 lets you see one of the reasons wy we call him Mr Lengthy. Pics2,3,4 have Mrs Inhale providing Petite the most sensitive of lady licks, and Petite says she could indeed tell the difference inbetween that and a guy's touch. She is going back for more soon! Pics5,6,7 demonstrate the other reason why we call him Mr Lengthy, he just kept pounding Petite for ages and I thought my camera battery was gonna give out very first. Maybe he should be called Mr Duracell, hehe. I thought he was gonna kill her or split her in two cos she's only Five ft and a UK size 8, but just as he wedged her inbetween the two sofas (see her holding on), all she did was look up at him inbetween gasps and shout "Fuck me, Fuck me" at him. He did. On to the last Three pics that look a bit like nuclear fallout - my fault - and we see why Mrs Gargle got her name. I was not left out, and I can tell you she can inhale for England. That's it, any suggestions for future contris? Anyone with a nice venue, please get in touch. We are in the M3/M4 corridors.

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Gizel Just Wants To Have Joy - It indeed was a delightful, girly weekend, the kind I've been missing since I moved to this town. Okay, so I didn't have much time to get ready and the cupboards were frightfully empty, but a hurried clean-up Saturday morning and some creative shopping in the afternoon did the trick. Then the woman explosion... straighteners, clothing, makeup and hair products everywhere, tee hee. It was such joy getting ready for a night on the town. Even however the bar was a wee bit dead, the prettiest boy did ask me to slow dance. Just like in high school, except this time the boy actually DID ask me to dance, instead of me just imagining it. The entire bar thing is much lighter to take when you're not worried about whether you're going to pick up. :o)

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