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Hi boys....this is HtWifey. Love your comments of course. A few times ex-boyfriends have blinded me in this position and had joy with me. For some reason when I'm in this position I just go with the flow. Maybe since I can't see what's going on, all I can do is concentrate on how it perceives. Particularly when getting a rubdown. If someone were to brush past my snatch lips or slide their frigs over my asshole with hot oil, I've go no defence. I just get instantly moist and let them keep going, whether its finger-tickling me, going down on me, spreading my arse and plunging their tongues into my butt, or sliding their hard sausages in whatever crevasse they want. HHub doesn't know this about me, but he'll find out shortly I guess if he sees this which I'm sure he will xxxoo.

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Title: Mr. G's Series One To: Kate, Well after liking this site I determined to send a contri of my own for the Individual Section. This is one of my friends, she is aware that I am sending these but I agreed to cover her face, at least I didn't swirl her face and make her look like a monster. I have had the pleasure of shooting hundreds of photos like these on many different occasions. I thought that these ten pictures went together pretty well. If the response is good I will send more. Sorry that the pix are so big, your directions said max size of 640. I hated to reduce them even that much. The originals were 1280X960 with much more detail then these. By the way, what happened to Tatiana? I would love to join if she is still there.

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