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Kate, Hi from Minnesota !!! This is my very first contri ever. I determined to skip the mild stuff and jizz right to voy-zone. It was my golden bday yesterday (22nd) and a friend of mine (we've determined just to use each other for emotional ties) called and said I needed to stop by at lunch because she had a introduce for me. When I pulled up in front of her mansion, she came running out to my van in JUST a bathrobe. She took it off....and you can see what happened. I know you will very interested in the last one..... There are only four in this set, but they get right to the point. I have Six more....depending on the comments. Her name is Hannah and she's 20. The party??? SMILE IGOR!!! .......

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Tearing thru discarded files, time to throw up the gems at the back of the closet that never found a contri of their own this year.------------- Surprise surprise, gents voyeurs, while the debate rages on over contributors being fledgling or pro, a quick look back at former months winners will reveal an interesting number of contris deleted from the top fifteens. One for the conspiracy theorists.---------------------- One thing you have always been assured of, this Fly is the fattest 'pro amateur' on the planet. I don't work the beaches for a living, only devilment. Tho' I wish I could - any rich benefactor want his own private supply of weekly captures? Eh, Mr.Gates? 'Sandfly: Hired Gun' - got a ring to it. Perhaps the Heff will come thru when Playboy buys Kate out :) . . .----------------------- So, to vulva. And tit. and all the charms we adore in the nymphs next door. Naked amateurs, oh my brothers, not naked fledgling paid models: there's confusion arising all round us these days. But the Sandfly knows, you fresh 'pros'. I am Godzilla. You are Japan. ----------------------------------------------------- Delve these shots, including a final flourish from that damn hot Spanish swimwear honey of last month that I recovered from a compact flash card I thought deceased. Ah, the tender, sunbaked skin. She glides.

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