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This part contains some of the "out takes" that I still find somewhat sexually stimulating ... a hot bathtub scene and then it moves to us attempting to make my "strapless strap on" work! Bought the damn thing and it is supposed to stay in your twat, but it won't stay in mine! LOL I am NOT that loose! It is the design ;) ... SOOO, I thought this might work if I put it in my arse instead. This vid shows us providing it a attempt only to fail. But there is always a Plan B! If only the damn dick on this thing were just a little longer - I never thought I would say that because I am truly not a size queen. The magic wand on the thing works excellent tho', so I still give it Four thumbs. :)

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My gf and I found your webpage a few months ago and have been fascinated by your contests. Last weekend we were hiking and found this field of fireweed. It was only a few feet off the main highway so we determined to venture off the road and into the fireweed. We had our camera with us so we determined to take some was fairly arousing hearing the cars go by and thinking maybe someone else could stop by and venture down the path we had made for our pictue taking. We both liked ourselves so much that we now take the time to have our own special photo sessions. Please label this "Hotter Than Fireweed." Thanks!

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