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Good Day, Lusty Crew! I spent some time thinking about this romance one and have determined that I think of romance as more of an attitude than a cliche setting. It is about finding those times together where the pictures of the moment will live longer than the activity itself. For me, this depicts one of those times. The sheepskin I received as a bday bounty from a dear friend. My spouse chilled wine and made a fire. I switched into a fresh "outfit" (which is dangling on the fireplace.) The evening was playful and loving and packed with passion. I don't think I ever sensed as handy in front of the camera as he made me sense that night and the mood that was created shows, I think, in these pictures. I hope you love them. ~

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Howdy Kate and Group, It's been a awhile.and I must say things are still goin superb for you I see......had some puter problems and could not visit for a longtime but I am back .....I mean WE are back......Jen was in our bath one night and she was just loosening I couldn't imagine passing up this golden I had the camera handy and the results are here.......needless to say she had the water boiling along with me!!!!!!!. use them in the Private section.....or wherever you see fit may also use what ever is considered Crimson cloud there too.......Jen misses all her friends from the old talk room so" Hello" to them all............and Jen just loves to fulfill your requests.....again Kate......I recall when your page was only just it is one of the most "HIT" in the world......CONGRADS!!!!!! PS: one of these are for you......"A WFI under running water" which Jen did say was a excellent sensation.........see you briefly ........

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