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Hi everyone. Once again Kate, thank you for this awesome site. I just can't tell you how much joy hubby and I have had here looking at the beautiful women, talking on the BB and even meeting a few of the ladies here. Sailor, thank you so much for you wonderful comments in the past. These are just some pics hubby took of me the night before we were meeting a duo of the naturist sweeties. We had a blast playing and fantasizing about the next day, which was INCREDIBLE! Anyway, we hope everyone likes the pics and don't leave behind to comment. I love reading them, peculiarly from the ladies. To all of you who left such kind comments on my last contri...thank you very much. Smooches,

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Howdy all, I am a lengthy time aficionado of the voy-zone and the exposed in public section is the very first one that I hop to. It was here that I was introduced to the idea of women flashing truck drivers. For all the years that I've been coming here it's been those posts that indeed excite me. So I figured I would share this with a close friend of mine, Lala, and I demonstrated her some of the latest movie clips of trucker flashing posted by LBC, Bad Dog & Kitty and others. She was totally entertained and wished to attempt it. these are the results. These were taken a week ago and since then we've been finding any excuse to take photos. She's even gotten a friend of hers into it. As joy as all of this is I'm still waiting on the day that I am unexpectedly flashed by a beautiful lady. So maybe if we keep paying it forward it will one day get back to us. Thanks all. This is our very first time so please comment and vote so that she stays naked in my passenger seat. I appreciate it!

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