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Hi, Kate and team, I like your page very much and would like to submitsome pictures of me which -in fact- took my paramour some weeks ago. One setwas taken in my vapid, the other one in my lover's flat.As you may realizemy arse cheeks became always somewhat hot and crimson. The question remains:WHY? I like to display off for my lover's and for your pleasure and I wouldlike to hear from other people how and if they love these shots as well.I've already submitted some of the pics in late January but these didn'tappeared for whatever reason. They are nice and not extreme, arent't they.I'm a German woman who lives near of Mannheim, my age is 41 and I'm blondebut wise. Best wishes and good luck

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Hi Kate and Company, Lucky Man is back......Thanks for the opportunityto win very first place in last months Private Shots Contest with my contrisof "Bella". She is very pleased and wants to thank all the judges.Starting with this contri, I am going to switch my name to DickieBob, asthere seems to other people using the treat "Lucky Man" and Idon't need to get my contris confused with them. This contri, "Shellywith Shadows", is a friend of Bella's and its her 2nd contri. Severalof the pics were taken in a darken room with only a light behind Shelly,then I used a flash on some others. The shadow effect came out very well,at least I am pleased. The reflection in the mirror helps to flash her greatbody. Can't wait for your fresh site to open so hurry up and get those girlshired. Thanks again,

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