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Well... you can't say you haven't been warned! LOL I was going to title this set "Unchained" but I determined that I this title would savetime for thefew viewers who sense you need to warneveryone!! Most of the pics in this "blindfolded & palms tied" contest theme have been "action shots". Mine are a bit different... instead of displaying you what is inwards my vulva, I am flashing you what is inwards my mind. I find this wayless blatant, but far more erotic. Sure, you still get to seesome cootchie shots, but you'll have to imagine the injections. Anyone can shove stuff up their cunt. exposing what is insideyour mind is far sexier. I hope some of you appreciate this treatment. and those of you who don't can stir on. That's one of the supreme things about voy-zone... there truly IS something here for everyone. :)

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As continued from the naturist pics I sent in....While watching the Raiders championship game this Sunday, I determined to make the game interesting and get BigD to help me root for them to win. I came up with a sexy way to observe the football game....For every touchdown the Raiders scored I had to eat BigD's soft nutsack. The next touchdown they scored, I had to suck his jizz-shotgun dry. ;) and a yummy game it revved out to be! They scored 41 points and Five were touchdowns so the slurping and sucking became longer and longer ;) Since he didn't have a team to cheer for, I figured this was a fine way to get him into the game and help me cheer. It worked like a charm! ;) I'll have to come up with something much more joy when they win the Super Cup :) LOL GO RAIDERS!!! woohoo! Love, Lisa ;)

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