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Loren - On Her Day Off Hey guys. I hope you like this set even however I look awful. What's new? Nothing much ... still working and all, but Yes!!!! No work or school today! Haha! Sooo because of that, I woke up knowing what I'd like to do with my free day. I will wear ultra-cute, sexy clothes, my brand fresh footwear bought from work, and then...not go to work! hehe...smiles! Instead, I will go to the good ol OC -- to that place where my ex and I once went (which, according to him, looked like the thickest mall in the world). I love it, I will eat street food (because street food fed me while growing up), and then shop at those little wagon shops. I love those makes every place sense like an amusement park.

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Mitch's parents found out about her friend she met over the computer (i.e. "me"), and they were not pleased. Thank god they didn't find the pictures I took that I sent Mitch, or things would have gotten even crazier. Gratefully, Mitch moved out with her sis and is no longer under their watchful eye--her penalty pretty much grounded her from the computer or leaving the building, except for church-related functions. Now she is out on her own and wants to come out and see me for awhile. She also told me it was okay to commence posting some of the remaining pictures from the last time I spotted her to our site and voy-zone. As she told me today in email, she "just has a knack for sin."

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