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Hey Kate, Jerry and Crew!! Hey everyone!!! We were messin' around one afternoon, while the kids were in school. TC was horny, and hadn't had any in awhile. LOL We have been so active, and with all the tropical storms,and hurricane bullshit that was going on, TC has been working extra lengthy hours. It's pretty rough attempting to kid Five kids ready to go back to school, and just getting them off in the morning is a feat in itself. hahaha Well, enough of the boring stuff. I was going to town on sucking, and TC blew such a big geyser, I thought I was going to gasp. I am such a good damsel however, I ate it all up!! LOL Hope you like!! I will be putting the movie up on the site shortly. Hope you enjoy!! Hugs and kisses,cherokee

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Hi All, I took Kadisia to lunch a few weeks ago and we went to the park afterwards. As usual, I just had to compliment her big tits and flirt with her to get her to "Open Up"! She is a good sport and I love a woman who lets me take whorey pictures of her, Don't We All!? Anyway, I began to take a few pics while we were at the picnic tables and while I was getting hard at her losing the clothes, I told her I was desperate for a suck off. Well, she obeyed with my Urge and I got some decent shots. She drank most of my explosion, but I managed to get some of it on her smiling Face! Please Title, "My Whorish Kadisia". I have tons of pics and I have gotten some MPegs too, and I am looking for folks to trade some material with. I'll check on BB when these post and attempt to arrange some sharing!

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