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So here she is back again - thirsty for more comments from her devotees, no doubt - she says thanks for all the fine comments last time. Oh, and getting amazingly turned-on from having you all stare/fantasize/other about her nude bod. Her bod is indeed opening up out now - her cootchie is massive, fleshy and so humid (and fairly slack - good job truly based on what is gonna come out of there). And as for her hump drive...well...after Cam's comment about letting you lot see her knuckle herself she was all set to post a set of pictures we took about 9months ago - but we reckon they might get rejected for being too "hard". Ah well, just love these - I did after taking them! Ali's comments...

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On my wayI passed two Norwegian teenage damsels. I “broke the rule” of not having eye contact with pretty youthfull ladies (in case that might scare them) and gave them just a quick glance to see their reaction, whichseemed aloof and disinterestted. The large group aftourists look like they’re from Germany, and that’s where the best NIP sites come from. Maybe they were used to the idea already?This may well have been the largest soap bubble I ever made, but oops! I spilt some soap bubble goo on my dick! (I assure you it isn't sperm.)In my wildest fantasies I had considered even continuing another 200meters to the main entrance and beyond across the engaged internal ring road. But the photographer ran out of film, so here it ended (with soap goo on my dick) at the end of the bridge. It was Good fun! God bless you all and your human bodies! I’m almost 50 y/o, so don't hope me to look sexy. My motivation israther to express a sense of spiritual liberty. And I’m 100% hetero, but I’m not put down by all the gay-bashing comments like those I received formerly (especially in Spanish) fromsinglemindedly hook-up fixated youthful fellows who hope to see just naked ladies and thus hop to the conclusion that I must be homosexual. I hope some of you will be amused by their puerile stupidity.

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