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Devil(ish)Sex in Public Two - Hi everybody, As promissed to you here some more pics of my public romp escapade. The guys around just didnt wanna go away anymore and I guess they had a fine 'stop' total of adrenaline. Some of them even took their 'toy' out and began to play with it which certainly made me more and more horny. I just didn't notice all the people around anymore and we just went 'full' and it was one of my best fantazies realized. It sure will not be the last, cause bang-out in public and in front of people is very exiting and total of hot adrenaline to me. I am doing EiP and nudistnow for about 1 year and I must admit I crossed a lot of 'borders'. Doing so called requests sure isn't effortless all the time, it's hard to find people who are daring to do it with me too, and picking the locations and make sure no youthful kids are around etc etc. But the adrenaline and the hot sensing are the very best ever! Those of you who never attempted utter hook-up in public, just give it a attempt someday and you will find out that the perceiving is much finer then you can imagine. Have a lot of joy with the pics and let me know what you think about them. And I am already attempting to get ready myself for some other excellent but hard requests. Its also getting colder now in slovakia so its gonna be stiffer to do some of the outdoor things. I had a excellent one for having fuck-a-thon in a public swimming pool utter of people, or a crowded dicotheque. I like both ideas very much, so who knows in the next few weeks......I need to get daring for it.....

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Hey Kate, Jerry and Crew!! Hey everyone!!! We were messin' around one afternoon, while the kids were in school. TC was horny, and hadn't had any in awhile. LOL We have been so active, and with all the tropical storms,and hurricane shit that was going on, TC has been working extra lengthy hours. It's pretty rough attempting to kid Five kids ready to go back to school, and just getting them off in the morning is a feat in itself. hahaha Well, enough of the boring stuff. I was going to town on sucking, and TC blew such a big explosion, I thought I was going to gasp. I am such a good damsel however, I ate it all up!! LOL Hope you like!! I will be putting the flick up on the site shortly. Hope you enjoy!! Hugs and kisses,cherokee

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