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hi nudistcrew - i'am a admirer of your site since years. i loved the contris on your site but was a bit enviously to all the guys showcasing the wifes and gf?s because my wifey didn't want to make photos like that. two weeks ago (i don't know why) she asked me to make some pics - very first she was a bit bashful but with every pic she get nastier and nastier - she even asked me to post the pics in diff. ng?s and ask the guys out there for some comments and tributes - the react was terrific - i thought this have to be continued (with brand fresh pics) on your site. so PLEASE send here your comments and tributes she truly loves them!!! thanks & kinde regards - nice duo

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These are some pics from a shoot we did last year in anticipation of setting up my own inexperienced site. That hasn't happened yet :) but I thought we'd share them anyway. I'm one of those uncommon ladies who indeed LOVES anal play, in fact, I can achieve the "Big O" quicker that way then almost any other! I choose the real thing to a fucktoy, but fucktoys have their place (mmm and you can guess where that place is!) These were so much joy to play with that in the last picture, I'm at the beginning of a totally mind-blowing "O"!! Too bad we didn't make a flick, we'll see about doing that briefly, tho'. ;)

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