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Here's some flashing pics from my latest journey to Michigan Speedway to see the Pubic hair 200 and Funbag 400 least I think those were the race names. I told all the 'models' that I was an agent for The Hidden cam Web and personally represented the site's webmaster, known only as Kate. Sorry for the tall tale Kate but sometimes you have to modify the truth to get what you want. Upon hearing this information, they all perceived compelled to do their part for the good of your site. Hope you love. I think the quality could be a lot nicer but I will be working on that in the future. The movie itself is much nicer tho. It they are worth of posting at your site, title them, The Pepsi 400 - P.S. Sending this in Five separate zipped files using AOL 4.0. Hopefully you will be able to open them OK at your end. Let me know if not.

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