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Hey guys just bought a fresh garment tonight and dreamed to see if everyone likes it or not. Sorry they are kind of tame but we just witnessed this backhoe and determined to take some quick ones. I will send some nicer ones when we get a chance to take some that are hopefully a little more creative and demonstrate more of me in all my ordinary country chick glory. Thanks for all the fine comments on my prior contributions they indeed helped me sense finer about myself and give me the confidence I needed to attempt and take some finer pics for those of you that love witnessing me. Anyways enough rambling I hope you love the pics.

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A big big thank you as always for your support and kind comments to my movies, despite the scanty quality of the uploads. We truly do not know why the quality is so bad when we upload, compared to other contributors. We attempted the different formats accepted by naturist, .mov, .wmv, but it shows up that each time the result is the same and I think that the format is converted to something else. This time we converted to .MP4, which is the only format we did not attempt, so I cross my thumbs and hope that we can improve this time. It can`t be the camera, because the movie is copied to the PC and the original is fine even with the total screen display.

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