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Greetings darlings, it's Helen here again. Now I know many people don't like tattoos on dolls, and that's cool - but I DO have tattoos, lots of them, so if that offends you then don't look! Simple! Don't look, then make complaints about what you witnessed when I told you not to bloody look! For howling out noisy. :-) This is porno afterall, not a kiddie after school special so grow a pair and go find a gal who has what you need instead of bitching & bellowing at me cuz I have more tattoos than you like to see - boo hoo, I don't care! I'ts a big, varied world of pornography out there with something for everyone!

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It seems that my spread lips contributions went over pretty good at voy-zone. Thanks to everybody who voted for me. I loved the comments also. To the dude who said that the pictures of me with the Canadian flag made him want to stand up and sing Oh Canada. Go ahead, it can't hurt. It seems that you can never please everybody with one contribution, I mean there were the guys who want trimmed then those who want hair. So I did both. Then there were those who said my fuck hole is too big and those who want a penis in it or my frigs or a plaything. I am begining to think that the only way to be able to have a contribution that pleases everybody is to be able to submitt 30 pictures at once. That way I can do some of everything. But I am only permitted to send in a maximum of Ten so I can't cover everything at once. Oh its so hard attempting to please all you lookers out there in cyberspace. Tonight I am going out with Wes to a movie. We are going to see "Taking Lives" I hope the movie is as good as the trailer. I will not be wearing undies and we will be taking pictures during the evening. Its going to be joy. Till next time . Suzanne

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