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Howdy again Kate and squad and all the nudist'ers. There's not much of a story to tell with these shots... I was running late for work one morning and determined since I was already behind schedule... ;-)~ might as well have a little joy. So, I grabbed the camera and tripod, opened the blinds, and proceeded to make myself Utterly late as opposed to moderately late!! *LOL* I was reluctant to post after looking at all the top contri's!! BRAVO everyone!The quality and content is excellent. But, this is alot of joy for me and I truly love reading the comments.. (another way of voicing addiction) *L* Thanks... and I hope you enjoy!

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I earnestly wanna sob when summer's over. I eventually got a full-time job and while I am hella stoked to be working again it senses like such a shift from the lazy summer days I kinda luved. My tan's fading and its partially cause I've been spending so much time indoors working on my site, which took forever cause I'm a spaz like that! At least I got the drape of it LOL. To feast we went away for a night over the weekend and took some pretty cool pics. I'm glad everyone delves on the style lately cause I've worked hard to make it all look good. Keep the requests coming because I plan to indeed love my days off!

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