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Hi Kate, Jerry, Sailor Asher and crew! And hi again to all of you who proceed to visit my contris! I wish each and everyone of you a blessed and prosperous Fresh Year! One of my little quirks in life is the fact that as much as I love fucky-fucky, and as good as my hookup life is, I have never got to a point where I love fucky-fucky in the morning. It just isn't my thing. When I wake up I want to brush my teeth, and get a bathroom. Afternoons on the other arm I tend to get going rather lightly. Most of the time I'm at work and there isn't much I can do about it, but on weekends when I have the mansion to myself, I can sundress sexy and just get lost in the moment, or a good book, while soaking up the winter sun under one of our big front windows. Jme has caught me masturbating in my dearest stool more than a few times. Hehe!! One of those incidents was the idea behind this contri. For those of you who think I am too taunting in my contris, I want to say sorry. Attempt to reminisce that we contributors have rules we have to ensue too. Lots of times when we contribute a few pictures that are deemed "too hot for nudist" get dropped from our contris. We don't find out until the contri posts, unless the entire thing gets bumped to voy-zone. Sometimes if the contri is a striptease loss of the "climax" picture means the contri just completes up being a taunt. With that in mind I have attempted to crop the pics in this contri enough to get them posted. I wish there was another way. I do keep attempting. You can see all of the missing pics, and more than can fit in a single contri at my site. Just ensue the link. Love, Nikki ;)~

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Vanessa: The Canoe - Today I have wished to rent a canoe for a rail around our maldivian island ( Joy island in South Masculine Atoll if you want to know )and I wish to thank the boy of the canoes who has helped me to drive the canoe for the very first time . Of course I have thanked him in my best way with a sexy streap-tease directly on the strand and in front of him . He was so astonished and glad that every day he looked for me suggesting me a free rail in canoe . And drive the canoe conpletely naked in this paradise is finer . Sure !! Vanessa Oggi ho voluto noleggiare una canoa per un giro intorno alla nostra isola maldiviana ( Joy island nell'atollo di Masculine sud se proprio volete saperlo ). Desidero assolutamente ringraziare il ragazzo del noleggio che mi ha dato le dritte per guidare la canoa per la prima volta . Naturalmente io l'ho ringraziato nel mio miglior modo : con un sexy streap-tease direttamente in spiaggia e di fronte a lui . E' rimasto cos? sorpreso e contento che ogni giorno veniva a cercarmi per offrirmi un'altro giro in canoa gratis . Oltre che accettare la sua gentile offerta remavo in canoa completamente nuda per farlo contento e che , vi dir? , ? tutta un'altra cosa . Vanessa

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