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We took these one night recently after a few drinks in my friends indoor pool. My friends wifey has never done this before, and shortly took to posing with relish after a little persuasion. My wifey has done nudistbefore, so knew just what to do.... We couldn't do much with the lighting sans turning the pool into a movie set, so forgive the low light level, but I'm sure you'll agree it was worth doing. Things got so far, and then.... a friend came round, and we had to content ourselves with a skinny dip. Do you want to see more... the chicks could be persuaded to do a further set....

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What do you do when you're in a procrastinating mood? Like when you need to do laundry or probe and you are totally not in the mood, yet, you won't let yourself out of the palace until you've accomplished it. So you walk around your place looking for something else to do while your chores are staring you in the face. I was totally in one of these crazy moods on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Like most people do, I sidetracked myself and commenced conversing with one of my devotees and got this itch to get naked again and post for RC. That's what I'll do today! I'm a sucker for steamy comments…the nice ones… and nice looking guys too. I wished to capture the day and the moment so you guys now where I was coming from. You know you've been there before. Doesn't it look like a lazy Sunday afternoon in here?

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