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I caught an earlier flight home from a biz tour and arrived home in the early afternoon instead of that night as my wifey had expected. Walked into the building and it was empty, the kids were at school and I found my wifey sunbathing at the pool. Before I walked outside I noticed that she was caressing herself in a slow deliberate manner. I determined to just sit and observe for a few minutes. As it became apparent that she was beginning to masturbate, I ran to the den and grabbed my camcorder and began filming from the window. I’m sending in two parts due to the volume of pictures. In the very first set she is just getting the juices going. In the 2nd set she gets more serious, pinching her left nip, and then crossing over to pinch and pull on her right nip. Picture Voymast11 is where she actually cums as you can see by her toes pointing toward the camera. The last picture clearly shows a pair of turgid, well exercised cunt lips. Hope you love looking at these as much as I liked filming it.

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Upskirt Xbox Halo Two Dare, Hot Labia After she blew me in the parking lot (*JO Large hot load) for a free meal, I've been putting the daring and "free meals" to the test. This was the weekend following the sweet jizz shot that she slobber out on the block sidewalk (what a waste). In this set, I dared her to wear a brief brief mini t-shirt for our Halo Two get together. I had about Four mates over, and the pics below showcase her in prep to the night. The last picture is right when my friends walked in. I know one of them eyed what you see because he looked at what I was taking the picture of. She was dribbling moist the entire night thinking about the guys walking by and attempting to sneak a peak at the twat sans her noticing (which I noticed quiet often). I will be posting more pictures of the events that took place after the Halo Two get together.....cum shots galore!

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