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We live in San Jose area and only periodically get into the city. She doesn't trim often--generally only for special occasions--but it makes me crazy when she does. This was kind of a surprise since it was supposed to be just a quick day trip...she let me know that something special was up with a quick flash inwards Coit Tower during a break inbetween all of tourists walking around. After a very voluptuous dinner (anticipation!!!) she checked us into one of the wonderful old hotels SF has to suggest for what revved out to be a very special night! We've submitted to EIP before, but most of these will have to go to RC. (Yeah, yeah. We already know we're no longer the youngest duo on nudist/nudistso save whatever critique you may have.) If comments aren't too negative maybe she'll let me display what "came" next.

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I wished to say thanks to all those who left me comments on my last set of pics, here's another set taken in one of my beloved places - the tall grass! When you play in the tall grass alongside a stream, you always have to be careful of those pesky snakes and also the fisherman that come wandering by. No snakes this time - thank god, but there were a duo fisherman that happened to walk on by. It's a good thing I eyed them very first, or they would have got fairly an eyeful! Guys & Gals, please leave your comments, I read them all - that's what makes it worth posting! If your interested in my former naturist contris, you can find them at ... Love

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