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Angelic Michele: Ut Win - Hi Kate&Gang! nudisters! :) Thanks for all the fine responses on my last post at the Crimson Rock Canyon! I was indeed hoping you would love them! Also, thanks to all of you whom wished me a belated bday wish! I truly appreciate that! We took these just before the Longhorns made their big win in the Rose Bowl! Hook em horns! Hehe They did superb. Hope you love these. I know they are blury and not up to our standard standard but we were playing with a fresh camera we just bought and had to work the settings out somehow! What nicer way than to go out on the street with a completly see thru t-shirt on and little pair of shorts..? Hehe Theres much more of me on my private site and you can get there by clicking the link in the top right arm corner of this page! :) Talk to you all soon! Love, xx Michele

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Every summer we’re going for vacation with my wifey Vicky in a beautiful island. We attempt to have truly nice time like everybody else. One of the happenings every year, the last 15 years, is the last night in our suite where Vicky always fucks somebody from the hotel’s squad. It is not difficult to choose everybody she wants because as you can see after 17 years of marriage and three children she is still very good looking and immensely good to allurement. I wish you could see her showcasing her beaver to restaurants, airports and everywhere else to unsuspicious fellows. But her best shot is when she makes deals in her job sans wearing her undies. In the critical moments when she wants to make the best deal she gives peeks or more, if she has to, of her beaver to her client. He collapses and most of the times he agrees to my wife’s terms. Vicky is the number one in sales in the company and as she claims, she has never fucked anybody else in her work, client or employee, except of her chief. These photos were taken last summer somewhere in the Indian Ocean and the blessed man is our battler. Flying back home we always laugh thinking what the blessed man is going to tell to his friends. Are they going to believe him? P.S. Vicky wrote the notes in the photos.

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