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Kate - Love the site... visit it daily! It's fine how guys are willing to share pics of there W/G's. And it's supreme how women share themselves too. So, after a lengthy time visiting, I knew it was only fair to contribute too. She doesn't know, and would definately kill if she found out. These pics were taken a few years ago. I love super-cute baggos and nice rears... hope others to too. Only docs have seen her bod besides me (virgin till married to me)... well until now, that I've sent them to you of course. What's with the blurs down below? As lengthy as there's no pentetration, it should be okay. I'm nosey - Enjoy!

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Molly Back At The Sand - Thank you for all the wonderful comments you posted on our last contribution (Molly Strips at the Beach). We hope you find this one as pleasurable. Unlike the last set where we headed to the plage to take scenery shots, this tour was a mission to take photos to post here on naturist. Molly brought a few different things to wear and since we were in the clothing optional section there wasn?t any concern about dressing, undressing and posing. Still, our activities drew a nice little crowd. The audience put a little pressure on me but it sure loosened up Molly. To the delight of those watching, she didn?t have any qualms about taking it off and posing. It perceived like we had our own little entourage as we attempted out a few places for pictures. One youthful man followed us all the way up the cliff engaging Molly in conversation and asking about what web site we post at. It was joy to tell him, voy-zone ? the best site on the web! This fellow also couldn?t stop explaining that lots of youthful guys appreciate and want a Mummy which put a big smile on Molly?s face and mine. His departing request before we got in our car was for one last flash. You know his request got granted.

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