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Imtaking a viewers advice and injecting a spread. Thankyou, by the way, to me there is no larger compliment. I always wished eyes on me but was'nt sure how to do so sans actually coming out and asking ...This has been the trick and "WOW". I find myself spending alot more time in the bathroom kittling and carressing my special catches sight of and when i reach my peak its like none before and numerous times i must brag!! All because I know someone out there is looking at me!! Now im ready for the next step,an up close and personalpeek session...and Iknow just the person too..This one might have to be mitts on ...Thanx Again!!! , XOXOX Hope this is making you sweat a little,I know you want it ...come and get it!!!

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We are tired, we are very tired to receive messages where you ask for my face: if I don't showcase my face there is a reason. I can't showcase it because I have a very responsability job. Moreover many of you conform about the photo quality but you have to understand that for my hubby is very difficult to make photo while we have hump so it is regular is some photos are no so good.... anyway if you don't like don't see. please stop with "boring", "zzzzzzzzzz", "ugly photos" etc..... if you are nicer than us why don't you post your photos.... anyway thanks to everyone who post good comment, or suggestions or constructive critics. Wild Hawk and Paramour

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