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This isoursecond conrti, the very first lot was too tame it seems. After a whilewatching others demonstrate there stuff, I determined it wasour turn to give something back...These are pictures of my ex gf, who is very timid, which is why the face is blanked, which is a shame as this is her crowning glory, she is a true beauty, who eventually permitted me to take them... I used to choose skinny chicks til I met SuSu, then I found out what real hook-up was like, Skinny women, you can have my share, give me a woman, give me a decent woman with forms like these, everyone is a delight to touch, with skin as slick as the softest finest silk...Please excuse the picture quality, it's my very first digital camera and the lighting is bad, but I think it also adds something...We hope you'll like them...We do... Positive comments would maybeencourage another contri, maybe you could make some polite suggestion as to the subject, or what to wear next time, but please reminisce she is indeed bashful, so if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all... Please do not post email address..

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Well Group, since you didn't accept my last sub, (one pic isn't near enough) I've put together a few others and am sending it along with them. I've been visiting your site for some time now, and only in the past several months, have let my "exhibitionist personality" out into the open. I typically walk around the mansion in only a "T-shirt", and go fully nude while tanning myself in the backyard. The original subjugation, "Hangin' Out", was one of three from a brief disrobing series I did of myself late last year, while hiking up to some nearby mountains. The remaining three, "Hardup, Hardup2 and Standing", are from a few frames left in the camera after returning home from the same hiking tour. Perhaps, since the entire collection makes up a multitude of views, this could be labeled "Draftsmen's View". I've posted on "another" site before, and didn't receive a single comment on their BB:^( Hope it's not that quiet here... thanks,

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