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Hi RC'ers! Showcasing you some nice pictures of Wijfies butt (also in latex!), for those who like it so much ;-) Besides from that she is doing some exercises with a banana... and a lot more. Also two pictures included where Wijfie & Hubby are having a fine time in the sofa (grin). They were actually part of a 'sequel' but we left behind to send them in our earlier 'batch' to you... well, shit happens but not all the time, therefore you will get them right now ;-) Those two pictures are indeed our faves, at least we think they are very erotic. P.S. Thanks for all the fantastic comments on our former postings, we always read them all and attempt to reply as much as possible, so keep 'em jizzing (grin).

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Hi Voyeurs ! This is a VERY special contribution, Wijfie is going to showcase her face for this ONE time, ITíS CHRISTMAS !!! (soon anyway, hehehe) Hopefully you are not getting tired of another "Wijfiebatch" ;-) I had SO much fantastic comments on the BB for my postings that I just canít wait to send in more pics (itís getting an addiction almost, so you where right Kate I am hypnotized by "The Eye", hahah) But as lengthy as you "gang" donít send me an email that I should stop spamming you I will continue! (evil grino) Anyway, I want to excuse myself being a bit "hard" on you people, I promise I will stop being a agony in the arse ;-) because I know you do a Supreme job over there (not munching your high-heeled slippers, just being honest!!! And Kate, please stop shocking me by putting Two (o) of my contriís up at the same day, heheheheheheo now we get "private" anywayo, maybe you will stop being so "stubborn" and call me Wijfie instead of Wijfe??? ;-) Ehhho, and before I get any more "pissed-off" BB-messages that I donít know how to spello WIJFIE is a Dutch "slang" for Wifey. Since people also asked me a lot how to pronounce that, once and for all the reaction then: pronounce it just as Wifey, not that difficult I assume, hahah OKo back to businesso Hubby made some jokey Xímas pics from me, because we desired to do something special and hilarious for the naturist (just those Wijfiepics are soooo booring, heheh) Soo the films where bought and the attire was made, there was only one "little" problemo a TOO little apparel on Wijfie ando a temperature outside of ñ6 degreeso to "go" shorto FU####NG COLD!!!! (but look at that smile, am I having joy or what?!) But what can you do?? I just want to please my loyal fans! ;-) And hubby was allready going nuts just from the ideao my puffies in that kind of weathero yepp, that would give a fine effect on his pictures!! J But of course he heated me up after the pictureshooting ;-) Anyway, the pics revved out to be fine but Wijfie had a hell of a fever the next week!!! hehehe (at least some time off to fix with the pics ;-) One little request thougho I know these Xímas pics are send in fairly early, but since I donít indeed know how the "backlogproblem" is at the moment, I thought it would be nicer to send them in early. Of course I would indeed like to have them posted around Xímas or so (thatís what they are ment for anyway!) Hope you can arrange that for me? Now eventually I will end this loooooong story (long gams lengthy stories I guess hey?!) And last but not least... of course a Blessed CHRISTMAS and a FANTASTIC 1999 to everyone!!! Smooches, Wijfie (and Hubby of course, but skip the smooches for the guys then ;-) Equipment: the regular stuff... Wijfie, Minolta 500si, scanner bla bla bla but no snow!!!

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