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HiÝ thereÝ KateÝÝ andÝ friendÝ thisÝ isÝ myÝ thirdÝ contriÝ and i can't waitÝ toÝ seeÝ them onÝ yourÝÝ siteÝÝ myÝ lastÝ contriÝ #14793 was notÝ postedÝ so i'm tryingÝ again myÝ wifey knows i'm sending theseÝ andÝ she can't waitÝ forÝ the comments onÝ theÝÝ BB .Ý IÝ reallyÝ think these areÝ hall of fameÝ breast butÝ i'llÝ waitÝ forÝ yourÝ viewersÝ tellÝ meÝ orÝ her on theÝ BBÝÝ ifÝ the comments are goodÝ i'll sendÝ more

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Hiya nudist! Kate and Crew!! Howdy Sailor! How are you? Thanks for the supreme commentary! :) Thank You viewers for the messages you left me on my last post here! Hope there are just as many this time around. Hehe. Well..real ordinary. Dont get on me too are self pics! I never do a good a job as Jere does!! He is working two jobs right now and has been very very busy! It was so comfy sliding into one of Jeres tee-shirts and taking some hot pics sans him even here! It surely made me think of you all a lot more while taking them! Im always so dispersed playing with Jere when hes snapping pics! Hope you love these! I am going to send in another multitude of these shots. I ended up taking enough (that came out for a part two! :) Afterward guys and girls!! xoxoxo Michele

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