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Hey Kate, Group & Webbers alike... Last year my wife& some of her friends embarked a little club called The Flirting Wives Club. Most of the time they go out to the local watering crevasses in the Minneapolis/St Paul area on weekends& soiree like there's no tomorrow. But, these pics were taken a few months ago when one of her hot little friends (Ginger) came over for a few beers. Well, one thing led to another and before you knew it they made their way to the bedroom... theybegan smooching and touching...touching and smooching. I'm still not sure if Ginger's bf believes her about what all happened that night. All that I'll say is that is was a joy night........ If the comments are good I cansend more... I have a lotof pics from that evening... Enjoy! ... My wifey is looking for other Minnesota girls/couples to "play" with. Anybody out there?

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I'm back! Thanks to everyone that sent me superb comments on my PICS, and who have voted for me. I would love to hear your suggestions about what type of poses I should do next time around. We are still looking for couples or single females that want to have some joy. We would also like to do some photo shoots for women in the Western Iowa area. Please blur my face in all of the PICS. P.S. when you leave messages for me, not being so heterosexual forward and so gross will go a lengthy way. It's excellent that you want to eat my twat and jizm all over my face but lets not be too tacky ok. Love,

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