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Hi Guys, Some of you, who spotted my prior contris knows I like sunbathing on the balcony. It was a lovely morning and I took an chance to catch some sun while my hubby was still sleeping. Usually it’s is unlikely to wake a man up (you know what I mean), but not this time. Dudes have some sort of intuition. They might be sleeping, lounging unconsciously on a couch in intensive care until they sensed a naked woman nearby. 2nd afterward they are on their feet with eyes broad open. Guys, how do you do that?!!! Good he managed to grab the camera on the way to the balcony. Now I can share the moment with you. I have to say I had a dual pleasure watching the sea and sensing something sliding inbetween my gams. Of coarse he was generously rewarded and next week you’ll see how.

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Samantha: Back Seat Queen - So I totally hooked up with the fireman that I went out with that one time. It was a superb night and I have to say I would be totally blessed with the boy if it wasn?t for one teensy little problem. The next morning after we hooked up he embarked talking to me about how he wants to get married and that I would make the flawless wife! WTF?!?!? Whoa there pal, just because I eventually put out doesn?t mean you get to embark thinking about putting a ring on my finger! I am having way to much joy being single now to even get a bf, much less a hubby. So that truly freaked me out, he totally won?t stop calling me either! Still, it is nice to know I still got it! Ok, so I have been reading the comments you all have been leaving and I happened to put something together that I hope you guys will like. I know how everyone on this site likes the ?exposed in public? type pictures, and a lot of you have asked for some fresh ones of me, so hopefully you guys will love these!

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