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Hi nudist'ers and team, Very first of all thanks for the fantastic comments on my former postings, also from you Kate! It makes it even more joy to pose for my hubby and so thinks he :-) All requests is been taken care off hubby and me will work on it! I've determined to very cautiously (o.) begin displaying my face on the naturist, hopefully I will make some people glad with that, hehehe I know that a few people are wondering how to pronounce "Wijfie". Let me explain that once and for allo it's a Dutch slang for Wifey and pronounced as Wifey", hmmmo could it be any lighter :-) ? A while ago there was a message for me on the BB from a man that told me that I was a bitch that didn't knew how to spello LOL Ok, enough "talk" for now, lets see some pics!!! On the last picture I look a bit (just a bit??? he he) naughtyo hubby and I just did some paintwork and since it was the last picture in the camera, wello you could guess what happened after, hahaha (Get a membership to Crimson Clouds and see what can happen!!!) Until next time! Big Smooch, Wijfie & Hubby Hi Kate ! Hubby and me where just stunned by the pics we witnessed from your hilarious businesstrip! Since we are orientating ourselves to buy a digital camera, we would truly like to know what kind of camera you used. If you took those shots with the "Kate camera", that's excellent, but why does it cost so much to ship to Europe ($ 100 !!!!)?? Hope to hear from you. Included a jokey picture for you also, not to publish though! :-) Regards, Wijfie & Hubby

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Okay guys, I (Melissa) am writing this time for my final contribution to naturist. My bf, Brian, has done the posting thus far and I think it's about time I chimed in. I've read all of your comments on my prior posts and some of them got me >really< revved on :). Just to response the one viewer's question, yes, I love the fact that guys all over the world are naked and wanking themselves looking at my pictures :). It's flattering and a big turn on. One viewer mentioned that he shot over a foot looking at my last set of pics - what's a lady to do? :) Let's make this last post the best yet with more comments from all of the good devotees of nudist! :)

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