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Thank you for all the excellent notes ladies..keep them coming... Elizabeth I can't speak your language and have no idea what you said in your note, but you can say it again and again. Stacey and I flash you, thank you for the superb photo's. Does any of you lovely ladies have a sand or pool for some photography? The black and whites did well and the colours (Americans - colors) I have yet to see on here. This time I mixed it up. For those women that want to see dick - patience darlings.. I taunt to please. Trish in England your email was not correct. And ladies, how was the facial cumshot shots on your home delivery? The eyes are blue. Kate please put some shades around the eyes and thanks for posting. This is the #1 site on the web! Oh and that blonde, Paula from Alabama...sweet Jesus you Yankees - get her married or I will! Ladies see you at the beach! xo

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This is some more of my wifey of 34 years, Yvonne. She is an attorney, so we can not at this time showcase her face, it might be bad for biz. Yvonne had a little black sundress that was unlikely to sit in sans "shootin' a beav'". A little story goes along with this contri. We were attending the flyin/airshow at Oshkosh WI in 1993 or'94, which would make Yvonne about 39 +/- of age. I drove our RV up early and she flew in afterwards in our showplane, a WW2 T-6 military trainer. During the day, we would dangle out at the plane shooting bull with people. Yvonne would always wear very sexy cut-offs and tops, or jeans depending on the weather. We met lots of people and Yvonne would ask many of the fellows and women who were tent camping and looking for a good hot meal back to our RV.She would cook dinner (she loves to entertain and party) in her little garbs, sexy but not gaudy, while Six to Ten guys and ladies would drink beer wine or what not and tell "war stories" .One Friday about 5:00PM, she had on the attire in photos number 1 and Two and we had about 8 guys there for hamburgers. There was to be a 50s/60s dance at 7:00pm about 1/2 mile away at the pavillion. I was not aware at the time, but Yvonne had put away the best of a bottle of Asti Spumonti during the dinner prep, so she was sensing no ache. She said she dreamed to switch before going, so I said fine. A few minutes afterwards, a duo of the man were attempting to hide that they were very interested in what was going on the the back of our RV. Afterward I found out Yvonne had left the blinds to the bedroom up and was providing a showcase from waistline up of her switching into the little black sundress. Continued with the photos....

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