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Hey guys! I luved reading all of the coments from you. I have even got to trade with some of you now personally thru email. Thanks again. I did get the one comment that my pics were fakes. That kinda pissed me off. I volunteer my photos for your enjoyment and that is how you reply. Yes, I have placed my pics of a few other sites but didn't get hardly any responses and someone emailed me with this site and said that it rocked. Yes, it did! I love to see the pics and I love to hear what you guys would have made me do if you were asked to shoot me. I havent had the chance to go do another photo shoot due to my cousin just got married and I was the maid of honor. Need to say I was engaged. Anyway, here are some pics that my bf did back when we were attempting to be artistic. Please place in NIP.

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Howdy everyone, I truly loved everyone's comments from my last post, April 11. You have inspired me to keep taking more pictures. I hope you love looking at them as much as I luved taking them. These were taken at a picnic/local park and I was very, very jumpy. I would never have had time to cover up if someone came around the corner. You cannot see it but some guys were working up the hill from me when we were taking these photos. We didn't notice until we were done. One of the guys even drove down the hill to get a closer look. Taking these photos truly gets me excited. I went shopping after this shoot in this wrap sundress and it opened up on me in the store, its all I had on, no undies or boulder-holder, talk about embarrassed. If the comments are as nice as the last I will do more, sorry about the quality we just got a fresh camera with a zoom and we are still learning how to use it. Please don't leave behind to vote. Bye

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